Sunday, 18 September 2011

five guys rape a girl from Abia state University ,Absufive guys rape a girl from Abia state University ,Absu

A female student was gang raped by five boys in Abia State
University. This incident happened Tuesday August 16th , 2011.
These boys raped this girl, recorded it, passed it round their
friends, who then passed it round ABSU campus.
And do you know what her offense was, why this girl was raped?
She supposedly insulted one of the boys...that was all.
In the rape video, which lasts for over an hour, the girl cried her
eyes out and tried to fight them off in the first few minutes, after a
while they subdued her; by slapping her, rough handling her,
threatening to kill her and having rough sex with her. After a while
she gave in and instead of fighting, she started pleading, and after
her pleas fell on deaf ears, she begged them to kill her that she
couldn’t take the pain anymore. These boys laughed at her, made
fun of her and told her that if she didn't co-operate, they would
keep her in the room and continue raping her for two days.

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